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Our Story...

HOTCAKES was founded in 2008 in the beautiful valley of Hebden Bridge on very little money and lots of vision and elbow grease.  All the fixtures and fittings came out of skips, and we made most of our products. So sparse was it, on opening day we looked like a minimalist gallery, a few vintage and handmade clothes on a rail, and pictures on the walls, with a dj in the middle of it all.  

To our delight the local community welcomed us with  open arms. Our handpicked vintage, handmade ransom demand Jeremy Paxman cards and tweed flat-cap handbags went down a storm, and everything sold out - and so, after originally 'giving it 3 months', we became a going concern. Slowly we grew, ploughing everything, all profit and all our energy, back into the business.

In 2012 our valley flooded and homes and businesses were out of action for months, but together we got through it, and with our insurance cover and an amazing landlord we created a 'proper shop'.

And so we grew.

On Boxing Day 2015 the valley flooded yet again.  This time the water was 5 ft deep. We lost the lot, and this time there was no flood insurance cover. We were back up and running within 4 months, thanks to the encouragement and support of our customers, our community, and our suppliers, who are all quite simply amazing.  Community spirit - when you know someone's lost the ground floor of their home and treasured possessions, and yet they turn up on your opening day to buy something to get HOTCAKES going again. To say we’re proud and honoured to trade in amongst this amazing community would be an understatement.

We've gone from a bare bones near empty shop to one full of things and stuff for your delight, now stocking design-led gifts, fun and functional things you didn't know you needed, superb 'A' grade vintage attire, and our own fledgeling range of homewares.  Things may change, as a business we prefer to stay fluid and passionate, and not be pigeon-holed, and so we occasionally chuck something random and weird in the mix.  

Our customers were asking for one so we built this website. We're hoping it works smoothly, and behind the scenes it's our aim to provide the same level of customer care that visitors to our shop receive, although you'll have to come and visit us in person to take a trip through the magic wardrobe or be handed random booze, emergency moustaches or sweets.  Feel free to email us if you spot something not working or want something additional listed on here as we stock much more in the shop.

Heads up, our vintage collection is planned to launch online in 2019, and if you've visited us or read our social media reviews you'll know it's carefully curated, near immaculate, reasonably priced, and you can walk out of the door wearing it. We've been loyally buying from the same suppliers from the off, and we've been saving special pieces from day one, so do get yourself on our mailing list if you want first dibs. We’re passionate about vintage clothing, not just because of the textiles, cut and quality which we consider to be far superior to most high street fast fashion today, but because it is THE most ethical and environment-friendly way to dress. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Thanks so much for visiting our shiny new website. Enjoy!

Sam, Pete, Nina & Maya